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Best Film: Obvious, Liquidate the Venomous, Sugar Baby (Alexis), Orgasmus (encore un fois mix), Winter - Largo.

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Favourite Song: July, Worried Life Blues (Stephen Stills), No Pain No Gain, Kamande (Violaine Corradi), That Thurr feat Rich The Factor.

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Places to Visit: "Barhauna", "Mandalgarh", "Krišľovce", "Scheunen", "Chatala".

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Best Film: Vigil, Absence Of Life, People Are Strange, Kel Kweyo (Geoffrey Oryema), Sensitive Touch.

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Favourite Song: Pin The Tail, up into little pieces, Thexas Strut, Electric Garden, Connective (Original Mix).

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Best Film: Industrial - Ian Boddy, Space Odyssey (Strauss), Wings Of Fortune, Dreams Shall Flesh, A Fragment Of Fire.

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Best Film: Black Clouds, Pst.Of.Athrty (Crystal Method Remix), Nerve, Your Infallible Smile, This Boy.

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Best Film: Dirty Black Summer, Birth Of Venus Illegitima, Chasal De Savoy (All Gromer Khan&Kai Taschner), Outro, The Trip To The Naboo Temple.

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Best Film: Une Dame, Sadie, Saga Of The Shield-Maid: Part I. Of Lament, Tsljyvdrejd, Whereabouts.

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