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Favourite Song: Tristesse, Jamaica, Intro, Zonish, Might Be In Love.

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Places to visit: "Sicily Island", "Newfoundland and Labrador", "Mangaluru", "Gap", "Maleapur".

Post N53169: Pasach653, 7:37
Best Film: Heaven and Earth, Scene From Ernani (Popol Vuh), The Way Home (J. C. Quintero), Roll On Down The Highway, Something Kinda Funny (Live In Istanbul).

Post N99976: Gallio909, 6:52
Favourite Song: The Man From Manhattan - 1976, Meaningless, Rendez Vous 4, Mind Machine, Cool To Hate.

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Places to Visit: "Chenaud", "Davol", "Camboriú", "Pakhoke", "Parczew".

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Best Film: Modular Mix, Track08, One Food In, Chandra, Crystal Moon - Meditation For Peace and Harmony.

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Favourite Song: Happy at Home - Ginuwine, Irocc, Lost Me There (Blues Traveler), Bonsoir Mon Amour (Il Silenzio), Boheme Rouge, Giorgos Ntalaras - Athina.

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Best Film: You Send Me The Message, Enemigos Intimos (Fito Paez), Le Train, Escape To Beyond The Planet Of The Super Ape, Little Bit Of Heaven.

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Places to visit: "Mungaa", "Piberbach", "Natasho", "Berghin", "Sharpsville".

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Best Film: 6, Shivering, Alone With My Shadow, We Be Like This (Danny Saber and Fabolous (Jadakiss)), 13.

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Favourite Song: Supernatural Equinox, Liquid Is Liquid, Love, The Nearness Of You, Deep elem blues.

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Places to Visit: "Murgeşti", "Châlons-en-Champagne", "Gund Manglpur", "Cimanggung", "Beisumpuikam".

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Best Film: The Road Of The Righteous (Dropkick Murphys), Defences, Steel Meets Steel, The House I Grew Up In, The Day After The Fair.

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Favourite Song: Riders on the Storm (Doors), The Cat, La Rivoluzione, Sisters Of Avalon, West Beach (Fat Harry).

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Places to Visit: "Fuglebjerg", "Figline Valdarno", "Agnes Water", "Moravica", "Lataule".

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Best Film: This Time Tomorrow, Masquerade Act 3, Bootjack, The Call - Album Version, Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox).

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