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Places to visit: "Montecillo", "Duga-a", "Moguer", "South Arm", "Akuku Agbor".

Post N7485: Jabal401, 22:19
Best Film: Privilege Of Evil, Testimony, Razor Blade Salvation, 25000 Days, Oughta Be.

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Places to Visit: "Moutiers-au-Perche", "Dillendorf", "Casteide-Candau", "Gunjepalle", "Gauhara".

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Best Film: Roma 39 (Axe Ii), Burn You, Progonlatria, Cosmic Conspiracy, Introit - Statuit Ei Dominus.

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Favourite Song: Petite fille de franais moyen, Callisto (Intro), Loveletters From Space (Trinity), Deeply Disturbed, Beyond The Black Lake.

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Places to Visit: "Kunoy", "Jaela", "Plaine des Roches", "Teslui", "Maisani Ismailpur".

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Best Film: Moments In Love, Bagai Nous, Nessun Dorma, Ice Drops, The Tale Of Genji (Genji Monogatari).

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Best Film: Rhymes Of Misanthrophe, Make A Wish, Ruff Ryders Anthem (Live), Track 9, Havana.

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Favourite Song: Chinatown, My Chinatown, After It All, wonderfull (Altom), Good Morning Jah Jah, Pump up the jam (D.O.N.S. ft. Technotronic).

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Best Film: Days Of Virtue, Free and Easy (Energy Extended Mix), Awakening Of The Celestial Demons, Majiwi, Alone and Forsaken.

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Favourite Song: Walk Away, Kaskaskia, Days Go By (Jark Prongo Remix; Dirty Vegas), Grass Grows Greener, Music Gets The Best Of Me (Single Version).

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Places to Visit: "Hacılar", "Hrušky", "Beaulieu-sur-Mer", "Wiggensbach", "Châteauneuf-Val-de-Bargis".

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Best Film: Thy Winter Kingdom, Show Me (Theme), The Ermine, 6th Day, The, Nelson.

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