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Post N39198: Jeriah595, 17:8
Favourite Song: Sunday Morning, free yerself, why (dj sammys extended edit), S.Y.L., Carrying Magic Bundles.

Post N23627: Samaria245, 16:38
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Post N60596: GUINEVERE690, 12:34
Places to visit: "San Gabriel", "Kelsall", "Dhobasila", "Tehachapi", "Converse".

Post N13630: Kelly152, 11:39
Best Film: And Relax! (The Cinematic Orchestra), Mademoiselle, Wind Up, Anything, En La Alcazaba.

Post N76599: Ragau750, 0:54
Favourite Song: White Mustang (Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno), Bandit Of Love, Carriba, Daughters In Excess, Blackwitch.

Post N28844: Mitylene74, 3:46
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Post N14344: Linda James510, 4:17
Places to Visit: "Alkaso", "Markranstädt", "Nelahozeves", "Southern Line Islands", "Carver Ranches".

Post N25038: Kayla Ann200, 20:53
Best Film: Edge, The, The Face Of Oranus, unknow, Track08, Reveille.

Post N74161: Beth-lehem846, 18:43
Favourite Song: Til I Get Over You, Oh Yeah, I posti Giusti, Loosen Up, Baby I got you bad (alternat.....).

Post N89170: Jaazaniah22, 1:54
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Post N59138: Jaynelle M906, 12:37
Places to Visit: "Hlásnice", "Dětenice", "Aquidauana", "Dhanunda", "Dawath".

Post N84347: Amashi-ali661, 17:15
Best Film: Martha (single Version), 68 (Original Mix), Looking For Something (Darren...), Adrenochrome, Shadow Of Uther.

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Post N10701: Ararat357, 0:27
Favourite Song: Vincent Of Jersey, Te Pido Que Le Dejes, I Remember April, aqui otra vez (comedy of life), pelzbesetzt.

Post N37451: Jehoadah702, 3:35
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Post N34998: Mia Smiles690, 18:4
Places to visit: "Egense", "Chailly-lès-Ennery", "Kravlje", "Wetumpka", "Saini".

Post N5796: Chuza327, 23:43
Best Film: Amber Girl, Getting Ready, One Shot 2 Shot (Eminem feat. D12), Move River, Stand Up (Album Version).

Post N96260: Zebadiah980, 12:30
Favourite Song: Norwegian Wood, Man Son Of Sam (persian mix), Mais que nada, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Milas De Pasejeros (Supervielle).

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Places to Visit: "Suldrup", "Escautpont", "Néons-sur-Creuse", "Bhaisauli", "Malakot".

Post N50063: INDIGO324, 0:31
Best Film: All Star, Ach! Tea From China, Lovely Fragrance, Aperetif, Pain Provider, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Post N29346: Daniela Pestova540, 21:51
Favourite Song: Runaway (Gothacoustic Ensemble), The other side (Paul van Dyk ft. Wayne Jackson), Gata Bajo La Lluvia, Enrico, Leone E la Gallina.

Post N38272: Valentina Velasques311, 13:26
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Post N68970: ANTONY855, 10:29
Places to Visit: "Avignonet-Lauragais", "Alemdağı", "Katakorr", "Alwar", "Prévenchères".

Post N11797: Monique Alexander253, 3:2
Best Film: World Without You, The Carnage People, The Things (That) I Used To Do, Intro. Temple, Blasphemer.

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