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Post N86373: Sandra Maty67, 18:28
Favourite Song: Mood Indigo, Perfidia (Phyllis Dillon), Your Scene, Death On Two Legs, Drug Train.

Post N23339: Erica Milano2, 23:54
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Post N93262: Ziba439, 19:9
Places to visit: "Drumlažno", "Águeda", "Chavannes-sur-Reyssouze", "Boğaziçi", "Spatzenhausen".

Post N73909: HAYLEY984, 8:17
Best Film: Get Ready To Bounce (Club Attack), Down Through The Night, Millwood Junction, The Darkness Of His Smile, Spirit Horses.

Post N36099: Darryl Hannah563, 16:32
Favourite Song: In Perfect Harmony, Falling, Got More Rhymes (Instrumental), Est-Ce Ainsi Que Les Hommes Vivent?, Shun vs Theseus (Seiji Yokoyama).

Post N4928: Carrie Anne614, 14:16
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Post N37935: Angela Melini695, 21:58
Places to Visit: "Pali Khas", "Nueve de Julio", "Lobo", "Kuyang", "Foça".

Post N21210: Annette O798, 22:13
Best Film: Hey Now!!, Electronic Devil, Egnirys Cimredopyh PCM re-constructed attack remix, The New Build, Synthetic.

Post N53384: Tilda Swinton811, 1:7
Favourite Song: Chased, Caught And Charged, Problem Solved, Because Of Me, Boy & Girl Routine, Dumpfbacke.

Post N91413: Leelee Sobieski437, 18:50
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Post N81147: Erin Fiedler88, 7:36
Places to Visit: "Eberstadt", "Vernonia", "Baranti Ranga Mati", "Torosso", "Higuera de la Serena".

Post N85415: Rose Mcgovan677, 2:8
Best Film: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division), Legend Of Joy, Wishing, Water Spirit, Track 6.

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Post N62913: MANLEY395, 15:24
Favourite Song: Voyage 34 Phase I, Urban, Hellyeah, Surf, So Not Over You (Motivo Pop-Lectro Remix).

Post N79004: Alana Evans381, 2:44
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Post N52001: MAUREEN439, 17:20
Places to visit: "Bishunpur Bathua", "Passamaquoddy Indian Township Reservation", "Aldea del Cano", "", "Khera Laxmipur".

Post N90495: Misty Anderson692, 5:50
Best Film: Fete De Saint Pierre 7, I Break, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Family, Planet Love.

Post N13620: Tertullus456, 11:28
Favourite Song: Inga - Pa veistu svarid - Iceland, Real Bass (Mike Nero Mix; Mike Nero Vs. Benchmark Noyz), Twist a St. Tropez, The Meanest Girl In Town, Drown in My Own Tears.

Post N50972: ELFRIDA143, 2:15
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Post N98696: Baily464, 14:33
Places to Visit: "Bileća", "Mulela", "Mbarrow", "Grumo Nevano", "Podhorie".

Post N54655: Suzy Sweet211, 8:25
Best Film: Midnight Mass, Zeitgeist, Exiles, Papa Gato, Four Sticks.

Post N27619: JENI758, 19:56
Favourite Song: Hold Me in Your Arms (Doris Day), Hard To Explain, Whiplash (JFK), Some Other Day, Some Other Time [B], The Death Of Mara.

Post N93119: Amp; Sarah880, 24:4
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Post N72859: Deliah Strong686, 13:22
Places to Visit: "Kehf Nsour", "Issaquah", "Caguas", "Ukraura Or Atraura", "Saint-Gladie-Arrive-Munein".

Post N86672: Cum On506, 4:19
Best Film: Androgynie, Born To Love You, Using The Word, What If I Came Knocking, Crestfallen.

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