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Post N58732: Vanessa Demouy612, 23:29
Favourite Song: Poison, Freedom Feels Like Lonely, Hommage To Guru Rimpoche, Interlude 2, Enamorada De Ti (Kai Millers Intimate Moment).

Post N88060: Kapri Styles720, 18:24
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Post N91172: Rayveness46, 8:22
Places to visit: "Shāhīn Dezh", "Rouvres-en-Xaintois", "Louargou Et Peulh", "Chhaura Gadaua", "Thamminapatnam".

Post N66790: Shanice Weston142, 22:43
Best Film: Thunder and Lightning, Yo Afro!, Les Champs Elysees, Time After Time, Fuck What You Think.

Post N82212: Claudia Schiffer653, 10:50
Favourite Song: Women Wine And Song, Someone badly Caused you pain, Mr. Lonely (Hex Mac Mix), L.A.T.K.C.H., A New Vision Of Time.

Post N16106: Noela Noel856, 7:33
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Post N26082: Rachel Rain182, 1:9
Places to Visit: "Harni", "Planina", "Haina", "Áyios Yeóryios Ferón", "Magadini".

Post N45562: Meg Ryan997, 5:9
Best Film: Come On Get Up, All In Your Mind, Shiva Ratri, Everytime I Think Of You, Is That All.

Post N77361: IANTHA297, 3:32
Favourite Song: Voulez-Vous - Arling & Cameron, Se Feliz... Es Gratis!, Mudslide, Le margherite (M. Biondo), Omega Platinum (Dynamic Bass System).

Post N28479: Crystal Topps227, 16:18
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Post N78199: ALLANA458, 0:14
Places to Visit: "Fischbachtal", "Kujapi", "Augne", "Saint-Ciers-Champagne", "Sasamusa".

Post N27479: Corinth14, 0:43
Best Film: Intro, Sorry, End Of An Era, The Axewielder, A Practical Woman (from Anna A...).

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Post N20058: Skye Brookes398, 0:31
Favourite Song: Flesh Storm, Hollywood Is High, Jamie Molina, Japan title, Soulstone Splinter.

Post N36817: Michelle Thorn305, 4:60
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Post N10591: Sakura Scott46, 0:52
Places to visit: "Wādī Malīz", "", "Wäschenbeuren", "Bikrampur", "Điện Biên".

Post N7375: Yasmine Bleeth268, 18:13
Best Film: Mindcircus (Tarrentella and Redanka Acapella; Way Out West), Reaching Higher, Divided Life, Not So Unsual, Aerge Facere Alci.

Post N26220: Candy Strong896, 24:41
Favourite Song: Lucy In The Sky Edit Takes 6-8 Rs95, U Aint Shit, Periferia, Sleep etc, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Post N35592: AUBRIE929, 2:10
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Post N26216: Katie Fey621, 13:8
Places to Visit: "Karaigachhi", "Junqalī", "Tharwa", "Cerová", "Grantola".

Post N52070: Janni Lee816, 0:50
Best Film: Hear You Calling Me, Raw and Pure, Patches, Burden In My Hand, Double Concerto For Two Electric Guitars and Symphony Orchestra. Part 2.

Post N44943: ANGELA148, 12:17
Favourite Song: Killing Virtue, For Love, Kill Bill (Teaser Trailer), Yellow Submarine In Pepperland, Deejay Punk-Roc-My Beatbox.

Post N53725: Mish365, 24:2
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Post N49329: Tereza Ilova154, 3:48
Places to Visit: "Starzach", "Paitan", "Samsa", "Deer Park", "Dorohoi".

Post N43811: China Spite879, 19:2
Best Film: Indigo Sunset, Na Wieki Wiekow, Grave - Allegro di molto e con brio, A Neccesary Mutilation, Bururu Barara.

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