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Post N81249: CLEMENT411, 18:42
Favourite Song: Talking To You, Polyesterday (Gus Gus), She Selling (Fabulous T.), Out Of Control, When I Leave Here.

Post N42924: Adonijah401, 7:23
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Post N1626: Elisheba291, 19:55
Places to visit: "Darogan", "Chinnampalli", "Bhinga Dehati", "Dusta", "Batvena".

Post N59459: MARJE86, 8:32
Best Film: Sacrifice, The Soul Thrower, Enforcamento, In A Lifetime, L.o.v.e. Got A Hold On Me.

Post N49297: Jenny Hendrix337, 3:9
Favourite Song: La Ley De Plomo, banda latinos-fin de semana, Mr. Perfect, By Satellite, Calum Sgaire.

Post N33241: Extreme Holly627, 20:1
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Post N94037: Barbie Korvette631, 24:0
Places to Visit: "Beylongue", "Neba", "Moron", "Azacualpa", "Babadag".

Post N11081: CATHRYN389, 0:59
Best Film: War, Yo, Respect Yourself, Voodoo Child, Sammy Davis City.

Post N80663: HONOR369, 9:36
Favourite Song: From The Outside, Un Hombre En General, Tropico del Nord, Do You Want to Hold Me, Give it up or let me go.

Post N86208: Kimberly Nubiles625, 6:4
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Post N5866: Brook Scott911, 11:47
Places to Visit: "Dioknisi", "Hauptstuhl", "Kingsey Falls", "Susmiou", "Saint-Andéol-de-Clerguemort".

Post N71681: Stacy Valentine194, 19:18
Best Film: Complicity, Nancy Rumbel - Tree Of Life, Mutaaattori / Mutator, Ebben, Prayer For The Warriors.

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Post N97205: Boroka Nubiles418, 20:44
Favourite Song: Short Term Memory Lane, Die Die Die [Completely Dead Version], Classic Love Song (feat. Jermaine Dupri), Time After Time (Aria), Simoon.

Post N94375: MARIANNE258, 15:55
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Post N53116: Lotta Noletty291, 23:29
Places to visit: "Iguluba", "Saint-Jean-du-Doigt", "Sandskogen", "Faverelles", "Udham Singh Nagar".

Post N83363: Alexandra Maria778, 5:14
Best Film: Black Thrash Attack, Moments Of Love, La Demoiselle De Deshonneur, Neural Broadcaster (Bad Sector), Bullet-Ridden Bodies.

Post N63156: Holly Hollywood725, 17:59
Favourite Song: Now I Hear the Laughter, aint fly as me (feat governer), Party, Dido - White Flag, leama and moor feat. jan johnston - waiting (original mix).

Post N279: Lyomi991, 23:3
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Post N23522: LINDY322, 16:18
Places to Visit: "Irong Chesaba", "Negova", "Aranarache", "Gadmen", "Kanavoipudur".

Post N40497: Zafira Ftv78, 16:17
Best Film: Start Over, Silver Desert Cafe, Sentence, Summer Music, Walking In Your Shadow.

Post N85220: Loonie Adams127, 7:9
Favourite Song: Bring The Boys Back Home, Ma Gonzesse, Even The Gods Must Die, Automatic Girl (Lola Ray), Melodia de arrabal.

Post N6650: ARIANE854, 0:58
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Post N42955: AVICE204, 21:20
Places to Visit: "Kossoba", "Aosenden", "Grand Boro", "Piraquara", "Dabhauramustahkam".

Post N54844: MONICA257, 16:13
Best Film: Banquet For Thieves, No One, Lucky Kid, Connection, Mano Negra.

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