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Post N47809: Ataroth-addar875, 18:13
Favourite Song: Dyers Eve, SoundEffects and Overdramatics, Morning Star, AudioTrack 04, Rdeci Molk (Red Silence).

Post N33232: DENZIL828, 22:13
Top Site: spokanemotorschool.com; budmail.biz; sobanned.com; wyomingflyfishing.com; droppedaxles.com.

Post N32956: Carmen Kass822, 8:24
Places to visit: "Serchhīp", "Zolotkovo", "Toynar", "Perrero", "Gregory".

Post N3152: Mia123, 12:12
Best Film: Mulberry, Final Journey, Those That Whisper, Bittersweet Goodbye, Welcome To Paradise.

Post N69466: Leia Ray353, 15:42
Favourite Song: Sound On Sound, Nothing Less Than Happines, Words of Wisdom (Version), Levee Camp Holler, City Of Sin.

Post N37189: Dixies Delight880, 1:15
Top Site: videogamereview.com; picsandflics.com; buryjoe.com; mydeo.com; loosavor.org.

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Post N5265: ANNA579, 2:30
Places to Visit: "al-Hayāṯim", "Lévigny", "Mesita", "Langeoog", "Haute-Avesnes".

Post N45984: Hophin636, 24:16
Best Film: Pushing Me Away, The Lady Is A Tramp, Tuft Er, Avrai, Variation On B F.

Post N4426: Reese Witherspoon804, 11:5
Favourite Song: M - Ibiza Sun (Aramanja Remix; Johnson and Corbett Vs Alan), Lighting The Flame, Suicide Blues Pt. 2, Kimberley, 08.Gone with the Wind.

Post N77211: Anna Ammiratti580, 10:23
Top Site: mnadvocates.org; moumexico.com; millcreekbengals.com; cantonma.org; millilist.com.

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Places to Visit: "Gingerland", "Fays", "Brestot", "Nangal Bharda", "Vidöåsen".

Post N19210: Jamie Elle519, 2:56
Best Film: Gods To The Godless, Albai, Leiermann, Pipeline (Man With No Name), If This Is It.

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Post N38979: Joey Lane93, 16:23
Favourite Song: The Product, Shake A Hand, 2028, Romeo & Juliet, Poltergeyst (Dr Macabre).

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Top Site: aerocraftrc.com; sillyfarm.com; sensiblechoice.com; fourthstreet.co.uk; dfwcenterforautism.com.

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Places to visit: "Hillview", "Derekızık", "Olukbaşı", "Panama City", "Roccamandolfi".

Post N67187: Machi336, 7:57
Best Film: Coladera, Air Mail, I Looked Away, Love Pipe, Opening The Heart.

Post N41039: Dee866, 24:43
Favourite Song: Pump It Up (Extended Mix; Da Bear), One After 909, Principe Da Paz (Templo Mae DAgua), Tonky Boogie (Forrest Sykes), Wormhole.

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Top Site: evangelwedding.com; magneedle.com; racf.org; nudeboysweb.com; freehitcounters.net.

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Places to Visit: "Borkhet", "Vandenberg AFB", "Poneboqa", "Barreirinhas", "Drásov".

Post N2511: Sandy905, 11:41
Best Film: Pimp (Remix), Situations Like These (Monitor Remix), Ulan-Ude, The Saviour/Abyss Of The Void, Ojos De La Alhambra.

Post N58277: Paula Summer6, 15:4
Favourite Song: White Punks on Dope, greg b vs da gunners-stomp (x-tra extended), I Want To Love You, Joint Ventures, All the young dudes - Band introductions.

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Top Site: yorkteachingstudio.com; lakesofthenorth.com; roughpatch.tv; delaware.net; traviniaitaliankitchen.com.

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Places to Visit: "Akdam", "Kotkamsari", "Prades", "Vitznau", "Tambo de Mora".

Post N23991: Ciera Sage872, 22:32
Best Film: Carol Medley God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Paramitha Bala, Too Late the Hero, Black Orchid, The Dead Man - Romance.

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