Threat-level-midnight-quotes, jim: [as goldenface] oh, someone's coming alright. the only man who would care: michael scarn. see, i'm gonna lure him here, then i kill everybody, then i'm gonna dig up scarn's dead wife and i'm gonna hump her real good.. Michael scott: i am a huge woody allen fan. although i've only seen antz. but i'll tell you something. what i respect about that man, is that when he was going through all that stuff that was coming out in the press, about how antz was just a rip-off of a bug's life, he stayed true to his films., the office season 7 episode 16: "threat level midnight" quotes i'm sorry i called you a pain in the ass. i'm angry and i love you..

Jim: threat level: midnight is the great lost film of michael scott. pam: we’re all in it, from like years and years ago. it’s like a home movie. jim: yeah, if michael scott did your home movie! pam: michael screened a work in progress for us, years ago, and it didn’t go well. we thought it was a comedy. [flashback clip of michael angrily leaving the conference room while the whole ..., threat level midnight quotes. was born in atlanta georgia on january 15th 1929. discover memorable quotes from the office nbcs emmy winning show. the shadowhunters of los angeles star in the first novel in cassandra clares newest series the dark artifices a sequel to the internationally bestselling mortal instruments series..

The office threat level midnight quotes. manually transcribed by tanster :) michael: clean up on aisle five. michael: after three years of writing, one year of shooting, four years of re-shooting, and two years of editing, i have finally completed my movie, threat level: midnight. jim: threat level: midnight is the great lost film of michael scott., 56 ideas for quotes funny office jim halpert a gif dedicated to the jim halpert face. jim halpert from the office, sp/sx sp 7 for a first fix, sx 9 for a middle fix, so 3 for a last fix..

Threat level: midnight is the name of an action movie screenplay written by michael scott.. threat level: midnight was first mentioned in the office season 2 episode, the client.it is the focus of the season 7 episode, threat level midnight. summary written by and quotes manually transcribed by tanster., "threat level midnight" is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season of the american television comedy the office and the 143rd episode overall. written by b.j. novak and directed by tucker gates, the episode aired on nbc on february 17, 2011 and was viewed by 6.41 million people. scarn is....

Directed by tucker gates. with steve carell, rainn wilson, john krasinski, jenna fischer. michael finally finishes his movie "threat level midnight" and screens it for his employees at dunder mifflin, but holly is less than enthusiastic for his finished product.

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