Spilled-nail-polish-remover-on-phone, i spilled nail polish remover on my iphone this morning. it now has a black splotch on the screen, but the phone is now dry and still functioning properly. is teen works perfectly fine, speakers work fine, seemingly everything is okay. the nail polish has acetone. what will this do to my phone? and how long will the effects of the acetone take place?. I know, extremely stupid. but i was taking nail polish off and tipped the bottle too much and it spilled onto my phone. i shook it and nothing came out. i don't have any plain rice and i already tried vacuuming and blow drying on cool to get some of the liquid out. speakers do not work unless i have earphones in and it still charges. everything seems fine except no noise without earphones. i ..., nail polish remover (acetone) spill on screen & phone an unfortunate accidental spill of this solvent really did a number on the phone and especially the display/touch screen. acetone seemed to have dissolved the plastic in some areas but not totally fused the phone to render it completely inoperable..

I have an iphone 4, 32gb. i bought it from best buy last october and my service is through at&t. no, i do not have any type of warranty :( so this morning i was at my friend's house and using this sponge type of nail polish remover, where you stick your finger in this red sponge and it removes your nail polish. i accidentally tipped the container and the nail polish remover in the sponge ..., spilled nail polish remover on my iphone? - 1 i just got a iphone 5 (shitty phone) but i spilled nail polish remover on it and it didn't touch the screen but it touched the back and you can see water marks when you turn on my phone. it's sitting in rice because that helps with water problems but will this kill my phone?.

Spilled nail polish remover on phone. i have cleaned my ipad with some nail polish remover. it now has smears all over it. can this be fixed? what will happen if you will spill nail polish remover on your samsung galaxy and it gets into the plug thing? spilled nail polish remover on s3. i spilled nail polish on my phone is it fixable at home?, spilled the polish? don't automatically reach for remover or you might cause more damage. here's how to clean spilled nail polish from any surface without damage -- wood, carpet, tile, even fabrics and upholstery.

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