Skin-tag-nail-polish, the skin tag must be dry before you apply the polish. dab the clear nail polish onto the skin tag, coating the tag thoroughly. allow the polish to dry on the skin before touching it against clothing or rubbing it. place a bandage over the area.. Nail polish for skin tags is a cheap and easy-to-use option, but it doesn’t work for everyone. using this ‘treatment’ may lead to an allergic reaction (or a type of skin reaction, anyway). any evidence that it works is purely anecdotal., after the nail polish has been on the skin tag for some time, the skin tag begins to wither away. application of nail polish should be repeated about three times each day since the nail polish comes off. the skin tag shrinks slowly over a period of a few weeks. in about three to four weeks, the skin tag disappears completely..

A common home remedy is clear nail polish, which works by essentially suffocating the skin tag, causing it to die. brush just enough clear nail polish on the skin tag to completely cover it. try not to get it on the surrounding skin. let the polish dry., skin tags are small, benign tumors that look like brownish bumps hanging from fleshy stalks ().known under the medical term “acrochordons”, they are also called “skin tabs.” ranging from what one may consider tiny (2 mm) to huge (5 cm), skin tags affect nearly everyone at least once in a lifetime..

Nail polish can promote water evaporation, drying skin tags until they fall off. applying the polish to the area with a clean cotton swab morning and night can dry out the skin tags and make them fall off. however, most nail polishes are toxic and medical professionals do not suggest placing this product on the skin. more on facty health, a skin tag is a noncancerous growth of excess skin. anal skin tags are typically small and may go unnoticed but can sometimes cause embarrassment or discomfort. we explore whether at-home removal ...

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