Signs-he-loves-you-secretly, when a guy is secretly in love with you, he will tend to smile more than a guy who is not so into you. so, if he smiles, it is a good sign. it means that he has a secret crush on you and by smiling more and making you feel good, he wants you to take the first step.. Signs he loves you secretly. we’ve probably all heard the philosophy that when a guy is into you, he’ll make sure you know it. while that idea is floating around out there for good reason, it’s not always as black and white as you’d think., this is strong evidence that he secretly loves you – he is curbing his natural instincts to impress you with a sophisticated demeanor. even if you find this change weird and not so pleasant, respect his feelings and at least manage a smile for him, as even that smile can make his day. 2. the eyes say it all.

Here are the signs: he’s respectful – he may not directly say he respects you, but he definitely loves you if he shows how much respect he has through his actions. this could be by sending you flowers or texting you unexpectedly to say how much he cares., not everyone is a wordsmith. some guys don’t feel the need to constantly say the phrase “i love you” out loud. you might think he’s just the strong, silent type, but if you’re paying ....

Well, it's just a sign that he is in love and that you are that significant person who won his heart. you can be jealous but there's no point as if he truly loves you then he won't meet another girl. you are the first he contacts if anything important is happening in his life then you are the first person whom he contacts., signs he loves you deeply. when you ask him if he loves you, he doesn’t tell you anything. he may not be the sort of one who talks a lot. there are 20 signs he loves you deeply even when he’s not saying it.

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