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We have had many requests for help in finding a certain book or video. Whilst most are deleted there are still some places you can look and this list should help you do that with all the pertinent details and suggestions of where to look.

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Although many of these titles are now out of print we have found nearly all of them at Abebooks recently.

MWE EncyclopediaThe Mary Whitehouse Experience Encyclopedia buy this at Abebooks

Authors: David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, Rob Newman, Steve Punt
Publication date: 31 October 1992
Publisher: Fourth Estate
ISBN: 1857020081

An Encyclopedia for everybody who really wants to be in the know - about acne, aftercare and artichokes, fish, football, Peter Purves, Y-fronts and zebras. Illustrated with pictures of Anwar Sadat, it also contains an index of things not included in the Encyclopedia.

HA BLOODY HA - Comedians Talking

Editor: William Cook
Includes: David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Jo Brand, Donna McPhail, Mark Thomas, Jack Dee, and more.
Publisher: Fourth Estate;
Published: August 1994
ISBN: 1857021800

William Cook talks to thirty of Britain's funniest comics, in a series of tragi-comic tales about the movement that has done for Light Entertainment what punk rock did for Top of the Pops.

Dependence DayDependence Day buy this at Abebooks

Author: Robert Newman
Publisher: Arrow
Publication Date: September 1995
ISBN: 0099482312
Paperback - 320 pages
(24 September 1998)
Hamish Hamilton; ISBN: 0241139805
Seen recently at abebooks, amazon.co.uk, eBay UK . Sometimes listed as 'Dependance Day'

Karen witnesses a drug murder in her local pub. She has to go into hiding when a contract is put out on her life. Kevin is heartbroken when Romanian highjumper Svetlana leaves him. But did he love her or just the idea of her? Their lives and the lives of Orlando and Billy Hurley are changed forever when a plot to smuggle drugs from Peru using migratory swallows backfires.


Fatherhood: An Anthology of New Writing buy this at Abebooks

Editor: Peter Howarth. Features Robert Newman among others.
Publisher: Gollancz
Publication Date : March 1997
ISBN: 0575063459.
Many thanks to Biscuit for this info
Also spotted in limited quantities at amazon.co.uk

This collection of essays is concerned with fatherhood. It includes disparate viewpoints - funny, poignant and philisophical, and reflects on the first inklings of male broodiness, the nine months of pregnancy, and the moment of birth and beyond.

Fountain at the centre of the worldThe Fountain at the Centre of the World    buy this at Amazon UK

Author: Robert Newman
Publisher: Verso
Binding: Paperback
Published: 1 September 2003
ISBN: 1859845738
Paperback - 320 pages

Everyone is looking for Chano Salgado...

H igh-flying corporate PR executive Evan Hatch is dying. Dying not of a rich man's disease, but of chagas, a beetle-born disease endemic to Latin America. Desperate for a cure, Evan leaves travels to Mexico in search of the bone-marrow tissue-match that only the brother he has never met can provide.

Reclusive young widower and political apostate, Chano Salgado's work sterilizing bottles in a tiny, smoky shack comes to an end when he is persuaded to blow up the pipelines of Ethylclad, a toxic-waste plant sucking the local groundwater dry.

Police and soldiers across Tamaulipas, Mexico's northeasternmost state, are hunting Chano Salgado the terrorist saboteur; while teenager Daniel Salgado, boards a Costa Rican fishing-smack knowing only the name of the Mexican village where he was born.

An epic novel about loss and hope, identity and belief, the story takes us, via container-crate and conference-suite, assassination and passport-theft, from refugee detention centre and Rio Bravo to the Seattle WTO protests. And here on the streets of Seattle, amid tear gas and rubber bullets, the destinies of Chano, Evan and Daniel are changed forever.

MannersManners buy this at Abebooks

Author: Robert Newman
Publisher: Penguin
Binding: Paperback
Published: 28 October 1999
ISBN: 0140275843
Paperback - 320 pages new edition (28 October 1999)
Penguin Books;
Binding: Paperback
MannersPublished: 3 September 1998
ISBN: 0241139805
Paperback - 320 pages (3 September 1998)
Hamish Hamilton;
Author: Robert Newman
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton / Penguin
Publication Date: 24 September 1998

Suspended from duty and awaiting trial for manslaughter, PC John Manners is unsure whether he is innocent or guilty of killing Lee Andrew. Interrogating his own past his identity unravels. Cut off from reality he wanders the streets, an independent beat-officer on a one-man patrol. Listening in on Holloway calls with a phone scanner, he hears voices planning to kill the bitch. Now his independent patrol has purpose: to prevent a murder. Following shadowy clues in the killers' slang, he searches for the lamb and the broken bridge. Newman's style crackles with a poetic charge in this powerful tale of good and evil, isolation and community - themes which interconnect like the criss-cross streets of John Manners' North London odyssey.

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Dependence DayDependence Day - Audio book

seen at abebooks
Audio Cassette abridged edition
Read by Robert Newman
15 September 1994
Random House Audiobooks;
ISBN: 1856862372

Resistance is Fertile - Audio book buy this at amazon.co.uk

Rob Newman
Audio CD (November 2001)
Laughing Stock Production; ISBN: 1902607856
Audio Cassette (November 2001)
Laughing Stock Production; ISBN: 1902607953
NB: Some times listed as 'Resistance is Futile'

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We highly recommend BlackStar and amazon.co.uk for your video purchases. You can click on hyperlinked titles and covers to buy the item directly. Some titles may now be deleted but you can try to locate them through BlackStar's Video Hunt service.

Live at The Shaftesbury Theatre

Baddiel And Newman - Live At The Shaftesbury Theatre Video Hunt

Starring David Baddiel and Rob Newman
Duration: 73 minutes
Cat. No. VVD 987 (Vision Video Ltd.)
Released: 9 March 1992

David Baddiel and Rob Newman, stars of The Mary Whitehouse Experience, on stage at London's Shaftesbury Theatre, performing their unique material before an appreciative audience.

History Today

Baddiel and Newman: History Today Video Hunt

Starring David Baddiel and Rob Newman
Duration: 60 minutes Released: 1 November 1992
Cat. No. VVD 1116 (Vision Video Ltd.)

TV funnymen David Baddiel and Rob Newman present their popular 'History Today' sketches which include live concert footage from the 1992 Edinburgh Festival.

Live and In Pieces

Baddiel And Newman - Live And In Pieces At Wembley Video Hunt

Starring David Baddiel and Rob Newman
Duration: 65 minutes
Cat. No 088 476 3 (Vision Video Ltd.)
Released: 17 December 1993

TV's David Baddiel and Rob Newman filmed live at Wembley Arena during their 1993 national comedy tour.

Dependence Day

Robert Newman - The Dependence Day Video Video Hunt

Starring: Rob Newman
Duration: 60 minutes
Cat. No. 043 252 3 (4 Front Video)
Released: 4 November 1996

A live stand-up performance at the Royal Festival Hall in October, 1994.

Resistance Is Fertile

Resistance Is Fertile buy this at BlackStar, buy this at amazon.co.uk

Starring: Robert Newman
Duration: 73 mins Format
Released: 10 September 2001

This outstanding comedian and novelist is gradually building large audiences for his own brand of political satire. An exceptional live recording of observations on the state of the planet from the highly intelligent and amusing Rob Newman. Includes an appearance by the salacious ‘Jarvis’.

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